divendres, 13 de juny del 2014

Our 4th day

After our last lessons, we have eaten our pack lunches and taken the underground to China Town! A little China within London!

Then, we have headed to one of the most wonderful shops of London: the M&M shop! What a smell when you go into the store! We have been allowed to taste a few of these chocolate sweets and it's been really difficult to stop eating! There's even a M&M radar that tells you the colour you'd be if you were a M&M... One of the students was a black M&M!

After a while in Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square, we have gone to Oxford Street, one of the best-known areas of London for shopping. Our free time there wasn't enough...

We have gone back to Ealing Broadway meeting point all together and we have talked about what we have to do tomorrow! But, first of all, we have to pack our suitcases again!

The expression of the day: 'So cuteeeeeee...'

dijous, 12 de juny del 2014

Our last day in London...

All the students say they don't want to leave... But that's life!
In the morning our host families have driven us to our meeting point in the church where we have left our suitcases.
Zeinab, our guide, was late and told us that today was a crazy day on the underground because there was a big delay. So, we could only go to Convent Garden. We haven't had time to go to the British Museum, which is a real pity.

But Zeinab was correct, once in Holborn underground station we had to wait for almost 30 minutes for a delay caused by 'a person on the track'. OMG!

Some of us have eaten the pack lunches while we were waiting.
Now, we are on the airport coach to Luton, tired but happy, after such an experience! Bye, bye London!

dimarts, 10 de juny del 2014

The River Bank Tour

Today everybody has been punctual. Everybody is very happy about their families, but some still complain about the food. This is nothing strange... But what it's not normal is the English weather. The weather in London is boiling!
The classes have been fun again, but they have not been done in our Howards class. We had to change to the Princes Hall, a smaller hall in the basement. As we could see, there are two more groups of students and that's why we have to share our spaces.
After the classes, as usual, we have taken our pack lunches, and off to London center! Our starting point is the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. It's been amazing because we have seen how the bridge has been opened to let a ship pass.

After the bridge we have had time for a rest, sunbathing, and an ice-cream. We are really enjoyimg the tour...

We have continued our tour along the river bank and we have found several sculptures along the way, until we have reached the Globe Shakespeare Theater, the Tate Gallery and the Millennium Bridge.

Finally we have crossed the river Thames through the Millennium Bridge to get to Saint Paul's Cathedral. What a view! Really fantastic!

The word of the day: 'chinguirito'!

Enjoy your day!

dilluns, 9 de juny del 2014

Real London!

Hello again,
Today we have met at 09:00 at Broadway Ealing Station, our meeting point. All the students had lots of exciting stories to tell! The food is one of the main topics and most of the students had pizza for dinner. Paul, the organizer, has taken us to our classroom which is in Ealing Town Hall, but it seems Howards! The classes have been very funny and students have enjoyed them!!!! The activities were varied, they had to use the London tube map and they had a lesson on Bickingham Palace. The students also dicussed about democracy and the monarchy. They are doing it great!

After the classes, we have been given our pack lunches, a typical English lunch: a sandwich and a packet of crisps!
We have also been to Ealing shopping center where we have had lunch. And, then we have gone to central London by tube. This is the second contact with this means of transport, and we have already learnt that we have to be on the right of the scalator.

Then, real London, or that's what some students say... Now the typical route and pictures: Saint James park, Buckingham Palace, Queen Victoria Memorial, Trafalgar Square, 10 Downing street, the Big Ben and West minster Abbey.

Some of them couldn't believe their eyes!

Look at them! Aren't they gorgeous?

By the way, the weather is very hot! It's  boiling!

diumenge, 8 de juny del 2014

Here we are!

We are in London! Everything is fine, we have met our guide, a girl called Zeinab. After leaving our suitcases, we have gone to Shephard Bush, a big shopping center where we can have lunch. This has been our first contact with the London Underground.

Now, all the students are looking forward to meeting their host families.

Here just a few of us are still waiting for them to come...

By the way, one of the most famous words of the day: HOLLISTER! Guess why?

divendres, 6 de juny del 2014



All the students have all the final information for our trip! They have already found their houses on Google Maps and some of them have checked the routes to go from their houses to Broadway Ealing Central Station, where we have our meeting point.

General excitement is in the air...


dimarts, 3 de juny del 2014

Only 6 days left! And I have just had a mail with the families information. But just a little guessing game first...
Who is going to stay with a family which have 4 children and a cat????